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Welcome to Whiskey Creek Ranch!

We are a first-generation, family-run farm, located in the beautiful north Peace region of British Columbia. We work hard to connect you with locally raised and produced food that is good for you and good for the earth.

Our production process has been whittled to fit our land, its unique geography, and micro-climate. We’re focused on animal welfare, soil health, and connecting our community to food.

We believe in knowing personally where you’re food comes from – from the field to your fork – and in the full transparency and authenticity of this process. The final product is food that reflects the flavour of our landscapes and a local connection to where your food comes from.

Our best,
Gas, Michelle, Mikayla, Heidi and Declan

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Food Production

A regenerative agriculture farm located in Rose Prairie, British Columbia producing pasture raised chicken, turkey and hogs and certified grass-fed and grass-finished beef.


Connecting land, food, and people

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Food that is good for you and good for the earth

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