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Well, we don’t understand how the Energetic City managed to pick up the article (this social media world still stumps us!), but we’re blushing and pleased that so many of you saw we’ve formally received our animal welfare and certified grass-fed accreditations through A Greener World; North America’s most trusted and transparent farm certifier.

For some of our customers, visiting the farm to see how our livestock are raised, or the unequalled taste of our products alone was enough to get you hooked many meals ago. We have so much gratitude for your continued support. For those who haven’t yet tried our products but are curious, this is another reason to join our team. We’re producing amazing products right here locally – products that celebrate the flavours of the Peace – for all you awesome folks and we’re super excited about the things to come.

Link to the Energetic City article here:

Much love,
Gas & Michelle