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Remember Eddie?  Our cute, Amereucana scissor-beak?

Eddie is doing great. She’s a little smaller than her coop mates but what she lacks in size she sure makes up in personality.  This little chook greets us at the coop door every morning with a very special chirp and jumps up into our hands.  She’s got GREAT personality.

Why are we looking for a new home for her?  Well, we’ve got too many birds and Eddie gets easily left behind in the chaos of all the other layers. She happily eats kitchen scraps; however, I think she’s going to need crumble / grower (as opposed to layer ration) as her scissor-beak is quite significant and the size of that food is easier for her to scoop.

If you have a smaller flock or are looking for a sweet hen friend, then let us know.  Eddie is free to a good home <3