A side weighs about 80-90lbs and you will end up with about 60-70lbs to put into your freezer. Three (3) cubic feet of freezer space will be plenty of freezer space for you.

This deposit will reserve your order and applied to your final total.  This is non-refundable.

Costs for a side of pork from us are broken down like this:

  • The cost of the side:
    Our sides are $5.00/lb (based on hanging weight) plus the abattoir and butcher fees
  • Butcher fees:
    These are set by the butcher and are outside our control.  Where you can influence these costs depends on which products you order: more bacon and sausage = a higher butcher bill.  Bacon + no sausage = a lower butcher cost.
  • Shipping:
    In the Peace, this is typically $0.00.  Please contact us directly to discuss shipping costs.