We aim to finish our hogs between 240-280 lbs.  Our price is based on hanging weights, which for hogs are approximately 70% of the live weight.  Yield is approximately 70% of the hanging weight. Six (6) cubic feet of freezer space will be plenty for you.

This deposit will reserve your order and applied to your final total.  This is non-refundable.

Costs for a side of pork from us are broken down like this:

  • The cost of the side:
    Our sides are $5.00/lb (based on hanging weight) plus the abattoir and butcher fees
  • Butcher fees:
    These are set by the butcher and are outside our control.  Where you can influence these costs depends on which products you order: more bacon and sausage = a higher butcher bill.  Bacon + no sausage = a lower butcher cost.
  • Shipping for your order:
    In the Peace, this is typically $0.00.  Please contact us directly to discuss shipping costs.