Pastured pork, half (side) or full – DEPOSIT


Buying in larger quantities saves you money. Consider stocking your freezer with a half/side of our pasture raised pork or sharing with friend or family.

A half/side of pork ranges between 80-90 lbs in weight, and you will end up with about 60-70 lbs of meat for your deep freeze.  Cuts can be common (chops, hams, roasts, sausages, bacon, etc.) and will also include bones, odd bits, and trim (fat).

We charge $4/lb (based on hanging weight) for a side of pork (for an approximate subtotal of $320-$360). Additional costs include the kill fee, transport to a butcher (if you want someone else butchering other than the abattoir*), and butchering fees.  If you are looking for a simple cut and wrap package, the costs will be lower compared to an order which includes sausages, curing, and smoking cuts.  An approximation of expected total costs for a side will be between $475-$600.

All hogs are prime (not aged boars or sows, or culled animals), raised without the use of chemicals or hormones, and raised using intensive rotational grazing management strategies under a certified animal welfare certification.

* We can help arrange cut and wrap with our butcher, or have it delivered to a butcher of your choice.
** Please contact us for pricing on larger orders.

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